Food, glorious food

Today’s prompt was to write about things that I help people with, that I’m good at or that I would happily do for free.

I would find it horribly cringe to list out all the ways in which I’m AMAZING, yah, so I’ve decided to pick one that people ask me about and that I enjoy talking about- vegan food tips!

This is a shitty rushed, writing-at-lunchtime post, so I’m just going to list London veggie/vegan places that are awesome. Also, heavy bias towards junk food, but hey, I’m not your dietician:

  • What the pitta– vegan kebab shop. YUM
  • Mildred’s– varied veggie menu. Has started doing brunch in Dalston. I’d recommend the chick’n waffles.
  • Cook Daily – great Thai food in Boxpark
  • Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner – does what it says on the tin. Hot dogs. Burgers. Giant sandwiches. Epic
  • The Spread Eagle– 100% vegan pub in Homerton with Mexican food from Club Mexicana, whose tofish tacos were the best thing I ate at Glastonbury. I dream about eating those tacos, waiting for Liam Gallagher to come on stage…I digress
  • Cupcakes and shtt– super cute little place in Elephant and Castle. Milkshakes and brunch, what can I say?
  • Purezza – sourdough pizzas and cocktails. Yes please.
  • Temple of Seitan– Like KFC but vegan. Greasy af but goooood.
  • Canvas cafe– lovely happiness cafe with lots of community events and homey food. They do healthy-ish vegan freakshakes
  • Young Vegans– proper good pie and mash!
  • Big V– at various markets around London. Probably my favourite burger. It is insanely good.

Ok, now I’m starting to see why I have no money.


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