I need to get much better at being bad at things.

A short one today as I’m on the way to Dublin (to a Billy Joel gig, eeeeee!), but hooray, I’ve completed my 7 day challenge!

A few weeks ago, I went trampolining with my boyfriend, and had been excited to go as, you know, bouncing is fun. I had a trampolining birthday party once as a child and it’s really all been downhill from there.

But I was not good. I’d been quite proud of my little pike jumps, but after 5 minutes of them I wanted to try something a bit more adventurous, and I couldn’t do any of it. The teenage employee overseeing the place told me I was over-thinking it. WAIT UNTIL YOU’RE NEARLY THIRTY, THEN YOU’LL HAVE SOMETHING TO OVERTHINK ABOUT MATE.

I don’t think I was even actively bad, but I couldn’t bear the fact that I wasn’t doing well. I started to think of other times I’ve felt embarrassed and exposed because I didn’t immediately take to something (driving for instance). Why was I acting like such a child?

If you’d asked me previously, I would have described myself as someone who was happy to give things a go, but now I think maybe I’m only happy to give them a go if anticipate that I can do okay at them. And where’s the growth in that? How am I going to learn new things until I accept that there’s a period of time in which you have to suck at something?

Anyway, we got chips and I slowly became less of a weird grump, but it’s given me pause for thought. So I think to should commit to improving at something I’m terrible at. Here’s a list of the first ones that popped into my head:

  • snooker and pool
  • football
  • go karting or anything that involves driving
  • drawing
  • bowling
  • sewing
  • keeping plants alive

Where should I start?!

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