5 social-justice friendly comedians

You’re at a comedy night. Things are going well, there’s been some laughs and, so far, no drunk hecklers. All in all a good night out.

Until the person holding the mic makes a joke along the lines of ‘Women. Am I right?’.

Suddenly you’re pissed off and you’ve paid £15 for the privilege.

So what do you do if you love comedy but don’t want to hear homophobic jokes or routines about ‘surprise sex’? You check out these lovely people, that’s what.

Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar.jpg
Image by Festival Flyer

Very funny, intelligent political leftie rage-machine. Nish also hosts the Mash Report, the BBC’s satirical news show.


Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe.jpg
Picture by Raph_ph, Flickr

Someone who you instantly want to be best friends with and also steal clothes from, Sara Pascoe is frequently hilarious without being unkind.

Sara wrote an excellent book called Animal centring around the female body that manages to be light-touch whilst really informative. Her new book Sex Power Money comes out in August 2019.


Suzi Ruffell

Stand Up for Shelter, Underbelly, George Square Gardens, Edinbur
Image by Shelter Scotland

My housemate took us to one of Suzi’s shows a few years ago and since then I’ve become quite the fangirl. Her shows are sincere, well-crafted and relatable. Her latest tour, Nocturnal, explores being an anxious person in the modern age.

Suzi also co-hosts a podcast, Like Minded Friends, with fellow comedian Tom Allen, which takes in all manner of LGBTQ+ related subject matter by way of such fun diversions as examining how ‘basic’ a latte is.


Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby.jpg
Image by Ted Conference

If you haven’t yet seen Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette on Netflix GO WATCH IT NOW. It’s hilarious and heartbreaking and genuinely feels like it pushes comedy into a new form. It was due to be her final show before retiring from comedy, but she is currently touring a new show, (yay) though sadly not in the UK (less yay).

John Robins

John Robins.jpg
Image by Diamond Geyser

Most of John’s ire is directed at himself and draws humour from the horror of being trapped in your own head. He recently wrote a great article on why free speech isn’t at risk in comedy which refutes the idea that the PC brigade have spoiled everyone’s fun.

John co-hosted a long running podcast with fellow comedian Elis James on Radio X that was lauded for, in addition to being very funny, offering an outlet for men to talk about their mental health in a way that was light touch and never something to be shied away from. The podcast recently ended after 264 episodes, but Elis and John are set to launch a new show on Radio 5 Live at the end of May 2019.


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