Greggs-Sausage-Roll-Gate and those bloody vegans

2019 has already been supremely gratifying, as it's confirmed that my existence pisses of Piers Morgan, which is absolutely delightful. Yes, the man who's given us such compassionate, intelligent and socially-minded tweets as ‘I’m planning a ‘Men’s March’ to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists’ has been at the… Continue reading Greggs-Sausage-Roll-Gate and those bloody vegans


What baking can do

Day 4 - Write about something you're proud of. I'm proud that I started a baking business. I'm also proud that I decided it wasn't for me. As a total sugar fiend, there's nothing I like more than enabling others to join me in my filthy, delicious habit. Baking is therapeutic and rewarding- particularly when… Continue reading What baking can do


Food, glorious food

Today's prompt was to write about things that I help people with, that I'm good at or that I would happily do for free. I would find it horribly cringe to list out all the ways in which I'm AMAZING, yah, so I've decided to pick one that people ask me about and that I… Continue reading Food, glorious food