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I promised myself I would write a blog every Monday for the foreseeable future. There were a few ideas milling around my head for this week, but when I sat down to write they all just seemed…well, a bit shit really.

It’s a busy week as I’m in a show (cough cough tickets for Lucky Stiff still available here), so I only had lunchtime in which to get my post written. But every idea I came up with seemed to wither into nothingness as soon as I’d thought of it. I had a few paragraphs for each in my head before I dismissed them all in turn for being too nothingy, too obvious, not something enough.

So what do I do when I’ve got nothing? Write anyway. Write about the fact that I’m stuck. I’m reminded of an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie, struck down with writer’s block, desperately starts a column in which she compares men to socks. If you’re asking, Carrie, my kind of man-sock is a nice sustainably sourced bamboo sock with a bright pattern, ta.

In the graveyard of today’s abandoned blog themes were:

  • Ways in which my life differs to an episode of Friends (conclusion: it’s all the ways)
  • Times when people are too awkward to complain when they actually should (only example I could think of- restaurants)
  • Portrayal of actors on screen vs reality (La La Land, Master of None, etc. Maybe has legs another day. Not today)
  • 10 types of dickhead on the tube (I didn’t have enough rage to see this one through)
  • How to overcome my current lack of motivation at work (the problem here is that I don’t know how to overcome it. The blog would have been just a title and a series of increasingly pleading question marks).

It would be easy to skip a week, to say I’m too busy, or that I’m waiting for inspiration to strike. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to abandon yet another project as soon as it gets slightly challenging. I’m really enjoying the ritual of writing every week and developing a new skill.

So today I’m writing a blog about how I can’t write a blog. A few minutes after my self-imposed deadline, here it is. It’s crap. And I’m proud of it.

3 thoughts on “Say something, anything”

  1. And I really enjoy reading it!

    While I’m here (cough cough) to anyone reading this, I happen to have had a hand in putting on Lucky Stiff, and I’m just back from the dress rehearsal. The very modest Penny is bloody brilliant and you will be missing an outstanding performance if you don’t cone along to se it. 🙂

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  2. I never watched Sex in the City, but I LOVE the idea about the socks. Too clever! Also, this made me smile: “Ways in which my life differs to an episode of Friends (conclusion: it’s all the ways).”
    I keep telling myself that I’ll have to write a lot of *ahem* not so good stuff to get through to the good stuff. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m going with it.


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